Month: November 2016

November 10, 2016


Quick Summary

Part Beauty and the Beast, part One Thousand and One Nights, and wholly amazing, THE WRATH AND THE DAWN by Renée Ahdieh blew me away. It’s the best fairytale retelling I’ve read since the Lunar Chronicles series and promises a sequel just as entertaining as the first book.

Here’s the Goodreads, non-spoiler summary:


Before we jump into the details, can we just all bow down to the writing goddess that is Renée Ahdieh? Seriously. Her words read with the rhythm of a beautiful song, all velvety smooth and immediately attention-grabbing. Even the dialogue, which is so specific to each character I think I could tell you who’s speaking without attribution, manages to fit within the flow of the narration. It’s such an outstanding feat that even writers and readers who aren’t as obsessed with YA literature as I am would benefit from reading this book. Three cheers for Renée Ahdieh, we are not worthy!




November 7, 2016


Y’all – we did it! We finished Week 1. Okay, collective breath in. Aaaaaand collective breath out.


Good. We’ve survived! We’ve made it past (in my opinion) the hardest part. First week down, just a few more to go!


Here are my current stats on Day 7:
Now, I mentioned it vaguely in my post about How To Plan for NaNo, and you may have seen me talk about it if you follow me on social media, but I never fully explained what my goal is this November or why I’m doing #2books1month.


So here’s the reason: