Tag: reading slumps

September 27, 2016


I’m sure we can all agree on something: reading slumps suck. And at some point, they’re kind of embarrassing, right? I mean, we’re readers. Reading is what we do.

It’s not just one of our favorite pastimes, it’s a sort of identifier. We gravitate toward other people at parties who are talking about the most amazing book they just read (assuming we’ve been dragged to a party, because we’ve been in our homes reading too much and our friends are worried about our health, obviously). We sometimes decide we want to be writers, to create books that we aren’t currently reading but would want to. We make lists about books we can’t wait to read, and we have a TBR list so long we’ll never be able to complete it.

I mean, there’s article upon article upon article about how to get yourself OUT of a reading slump.

What about when you can’t, though? That’s where I’m at.

Technically can’t isn’t the right word. I could. I’m not incapable of picking up a fiction book, per se. But I’m on a sabbatical from fiction.

A forced reading slump.

And let me tell you, it sucks.

You might be thinking, if something sucks so much, why would you bother doing it?